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July 26-27

Young, gifted & Brave - Theatre for Youth

Building upon the success of its inaugural year, the Young, Gifted & Brave – Theatre for Youth program continues to engage and inspire young actors from diverse and underserved communities. Through the program, students receive top-notch actor training and performance instruction, culminating in this eagerly anticipated annual summer performance. The artists will perform a zealously curated production of hit Broadway musical performances from shows such as “Lempicka”, “Once On This Island” and “Anything Goes” to name a few. The variety show will also include both comedic and dramatic scenes and monologues from notorious plays that will be fun for the entire family.

December 5-8

Black Nativity

Black Nativity is an African-American telling of the Nativity story, based on the Song Play written by acclaimed African-American poet and playwright Langston Hughes. The show recreates the journey of Mary and Joseph, resplendent in African costumes, to Bethlehem, accompanied by a rousing repertoire of spirituals. The combined African-American viewpoint and gospel music make Black Nativity a truly unique and entertaining theatrical experience.

Past Seasons


Freshly Rooted 2022

“Freshly Rooted” with Michael Oatman – March 31 & April 1

This series spotlights new plays that have yet to be produced or a new playwright who is seeking support for their first reading or full-stage production. Freshly Rooted is a staged reading of new works to engage with audiences and introduce community members to brave new voices, telling stories in innovative and bold new ways.

Pour it Out 2022

“Pour It Out” - April 1

Following the last staged reading on April 1, we will host “Pour It Out,” an open discussion forum where distinguished playwrights from around the Country will give their insightful perspectives on the readings presented.

The Brother's Size 2022

The Brothers Size – June 22 - 25

The next addition to our “Dans Le Avant Garde” series. In the Louisiana bayou, Ogun Size is the hardworking and steady brother to the younger Oshoosi. Ogun worries constantly about his brother, who’s fresh out of prison and restless. When Elegba, Oshoosi’s old prison-mate arrives with a gift, their relationship is thrown out of balance. Influenced by the rich culture of the Yoruba people of West Africa, this contemporary tale begins in ritual and evolves into a tough and tender drama of what it means to brother and be brothered.

Bein a Brutha 2022

Bein’ A Brutha… – June 24

Following the matinee performance on June 24, we will have a talkback entitled “Bein’ a Brutha”, focusing on masculinity and brotherhood in the Black Male community. In addition, we will delve into the traditional emotional tendencies in male culture, and explore concepts of love, weakness, the black male body, and effeminacy. Featuring “Universal Man” Mo Beasley, Researcher/Educator, Brian Knowles, and Co-Founder of Project T.H.U.G, David L. Jackson, the essence of this talkback will unpack how non-sexual relationships between men are tainted and looked down upon, as well as, the effects of those responses, be it emotional instability or generational traumas. 

Brevo for Broadway 2022

Brévo for Broadway – July 23rd

The artists will perform a zealously curated production of hit Broadway musical performances from shows such as “The Wiz” and “MJ The Musical”, along with excerpts from our favorite Disney themed shows such as “The Little Mermaid,” and “Into the Woods,” to name a few. The variety show will also include both comedic and dramatic scenes and monologues from notorious Broadway plays that will be fun for the entire family.

Past Seasons


American Son poster

American Son – February 19th & 20th

Brévo Theatre presents “American Son” by Christopher Demos-Brown, directed by Terrence Pride. This show tells of an estranged bi-racial couple who must confront their feelings about race and bias after their son is detained by the local police following a traffic stop incident. Their disparate histories and backgrounds inform their assumptions as they try to find out what happened to their son.

2 Shades of Black poster

2 Shades of Black: An Exploration of Biracial Identity – February 20th

Following our show, on February 20, we will have a talkback entitled “2 Shades of Black: An Exploration of Biracial Identity,” with playwright Christopher Demos-Brown as our special guest, evoking a conversation about living a biracial life and their experiences.

My blackness is too... poster

My Blackness Is Too… – May 10th

In partnership with 10 Days of Connection Broward, this discussion will focus on the different perspectives of black women in the community including the Arts, Corporate America, and Entrepreneurship. Listen as we hear from panelist Lakeisha Frith (The Adrienne Arsht Center), Delilah Antoinette (Black Girl’s Healing House), Tanisha Cidel (Evolutionary Arts), Véronique George (VLG Productions), and Ghenete “G” Wright Muir (Thou Art Woman), share their achievements, overcoming obstacles they’ve faced in their career, as well as, what practices they’ve put in place to become the best version of themselves. The purpose of this panel is to emphasize the voice of the black women where we will unpack topics such as self-identity and emotional healing for the black women. Using inspiration from Mikki Kendall and Bell Hooks, current research is very White female dominated speaking about Black female experiences. We are addressing the lack of Black female voices by having Black women share their experiences while providing a support system to uplift other Black female voices.

Brévo for Broadway – poster

Brévo for Broadway – July 23rd

Young, Gifted & Brave – Theatre for Youth will present its inaugural production, Brévo for Broadway, this summer taking place on Saturday, July 23, 2022, 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. The multicultural cast of 20 performers, the majority of which are recent high school graduates, will perform a compilation from popular Broadway musicals and performances with excerpts from “Moulin Rouge,” “Hamilton,” “A Strange Loop,” and “Dreamgirls.” The variety show will also include young artists delivering powerful scenes and monologues from notable Broadway plays such as “Thoughts of a Colored Man.”

Funny House of a Negro poster

Funnyhouse of a Negro: By Adrienne Kennedy – October 22nd & 23rd

As a part of our “Dans le avant-garde” series, “Funnyhouse of a Negro” by Adrienne Kennedy, directed by Zaylin Yates, is a poetic and symbolic investigation into one woman’s mind before her death. Sarah has created four different personas as a way to grapple with her own self-hatred: Queen Victoria, the Duchess of Hapsburg, Jesus, and Patrice Lumumba. With these four characters at her side, Sarah tries to make sense of her conception (from rape), her life without her parents, and the creeping insanity that she feels all around her.

Between two worlds poster

Between Two Worlds – October 23rd

In partnership with South Florida Afro Pride, we will host “Between Two Worlds,” a symposium on colorism and self-identity. This symposium will focus on mental and emotional healing for biracial men and women. Additionally, tackling topics on how the community can seek emotional healing. Learning tools to practice self-love and embracing all the things that define their humanity. Mental illness, self-hate, and the need to be socially accepted are issues that currently plague the Black and BIPOC communities. Avoiding these conversations increases the number of suicide attempts we experience in Miami Dade County. This symposium will feature a panel of special guests and focus on mental and emotional healing for black/brown men and women. Mental illness, self-hate, and the need to be socially accepted are issues that currently plague the black community, and it is time to have a conversation.


Brévo Theatre produces a series of productions that offers a diverse and inclusive artistic experience for the entire community.

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This series includes all of the great musicals and plays that you know and love from the Broadway stage and beyond. The Brévo Mainstage is our most anticipated series, which includes our signature dinner theatre productions. Patrons will enjoy high-quality Broadway performances accompanied by high-class dining experiences. 

dans le avant garde program logo

A series inspired by the works of Adrienne Kennedy, Harold Pinter, and Jeremy O. Harris. Dans Le Avant Garde showcases the experimental theatre world. A series where Brévo Theatre activates its’ core values of creating artistically conscious communities. Plays in this series are always a topic of conversation.

young, gifted, brave program logo

Our theatre for youth program, Young, Gifted & Brave, engages young actors in diverse and underserved communities, who are interested in high-quality actor training and performance education. The program combines workshops and one-on-one training with industry professionals culminating with a final musical theater performance during the summer. Students, many of whom are from surrounding high schools, meet for 4-6 weeks to learn and rehearse acting, dance and vocal techniques. After applying what they’ve learned in their classes and in the one-on-one coaching throughout the school year, the students are featured in a mainstage production open to the community.

freshly rooted program logo

One of the most impactful ways of enriching our community is, creating access and opportunity for local artists. With the Freshly Rooted series, Brévo Theatre provides access and resources to local playwrights to get their work seen and heard by an audience. This enables the writer to get feedback from actors and directors during the creative process, as well as support from the producing perspective for how to best market their work. These are all invaluable assets for fresh new playwrights to have in the community on a professional level.