Our commitment to nurturing our community starts with collaboration. Through the arts we build relationships with community partners and grassroots organizations that enrich our community and support art in education while increasing philanthropy. We provide access and opportunities to under appreciated and under represented members through outreach and strategic engagement.


THANK YOU TO OUR community partners!

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Artist Advancements

Young, Gifted and Brave performance at Brevo


Seeking 3 males 18-28 for a high-energy kids show.

Casting Call for Invision Theatre

GableStage Theatre seeks an ambitious arts administrator to collaborate with the board, staff, and community stakeholders on realizing the company’s vast potential as a leading regional theatre of scale and national reach.



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Celebrating our collaborators

Chika Pondexter

My name is Chika Pondexter and I’m a South Florida-based illustrator/comic artist. As an artist, I love storytelling and any opportunity where I can use my art to tell a story. My main interest when it comes to art is narrative storytelling and using my art as a mode of sharing experiences with others. In addition to art, I also have a passion for community engagement and ways that I can better my community through my art.

South florida Pride

Afro Pride Federation Inc is a community organization that was founded in 2020. The organization was founded by South Florida native Damon Jones (Clinical Psychotherapist) and Donald Gunder (LGBTQ community organizer). The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic not only highlighted how African Americans and the Afrocentric communities were disproportionately affected by COVID-19 but the pandemic also highlighted issues involving exclusion, racism, and discrimination in multiple areas of life needed to survive & thrive (healthcare, mental health, social exclusion, economic exclusion). The African American & Afrocentric LGBTQ+ community represent a smaller percentage of the African American population and related subgroups that endured additional injustices due to the intersection of being Black or Brown and LGBTQ+. (85% of the Black & Brown LGBTQ+ population identify also as Black/African American) Injustices such as societal violence, economic hardships, unaffordable healthcare, access to housing, access to mental health & substance abuse services, , mistrust in healthcare, exclusion, systematic racism, and multiple types of discrimination.

We understood in our efforts to eliminate the disparities in South Florida that people of color in the LGBTQ+ community face, we must acknowledge the following:

• Policies agendas that address members of this community must consider intersections of race, class, sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity

• Community-driven leadership that highlights a needed change towards the transformation of our economic & social relationships that act as systematic barriers and play a huge role in disproportionately high rates of needs and lack of current community resources in the Black & Brown LGBTQ+ community in South Florida.

• We understood that it would take a community effort to advocate for change, pursue economic justice, and create safe places to heal, celebrate self-love, and save human lives. The community-influenced South Florida Afro Pride Federation, Inc community organization was founded with an aim to execute its mission.

Jennifer Turner

Award-winning 18-year-old Jennifer Turner is a multiracial American artist, poet, and musician. Traveling internationally for much of her life, Turner comes from a mixed background of Latin and European cultures that are buried in the roots of her philosophy towards art. Currently living in the sunny shores of Florida, Turner studies fine arts at Dillard Center for the Arts. She is a Scholastics National Medalist and has been recognized internationally in Spain’s popular newspaper, El País. Her artwork is inspired by countless places and individuals she encounters daily and their perspectives on life. Jennifer explores diverse mediums, including LED works, transforming her subjects and experiences into aesthetic collections of artwork, visually bringing to life the human state of mind.

As an artist, I depict images and subjects coined from personal experiences; representing the world through the eyes of others, forms my art. Coated with bits of raw emotions from within, my work is a representation of my blood, sweat, and tears, eighteen years in the making. In college, I intend to proceed on elaborating my craft to a more pristine and recognized level. I aim to major in the Fine Arts and showcase my innovative ideas in various fields with a world audience. I’m a highly determined creative, finding purpose in every brushstroke depicted within my work. The artwork you’re seeing in front of you right now is my soul, time, and effort within multitudes of colors.

“I will forever be an artist, for I see beauty in subjects non-graceful, and wonders in places where many simply encounter.”


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