Bein’ a Brutha

Bein a Brutha still

Our talkback entitled “Bein’ a Brutha”, focusing on masculinity and brotherhood in the Black Male community. In addition, we will delve into the traditional emotional tendencies in male culture, and explore concepts of love, weakness, the black male body, and effeminacy. Featuring “Universal Man” Mo Beasley, Researcher/Educator, Brian Knowles, and the owner of the E.A.T.N […]

Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds screenshot

In partnership with South Florida Afro Pride, we present “Between Two Worlds,” a symposium on colorism and self-identity. This symposium will focus on mental and emotional healing for biracial men and women. Additionally, tackling topics on how the community can seek emotional healing. Learning tools to practice self-love and embracing all the things that define […]

2 Shades of Black: An Exploration of Biracial Identity

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Enjoy an excerpt of our talkback following our production of American Son with playwright Christopher Demos-Brown, hosted by Dr. Yvette Maureen. This talkback focused on unpacking a conversation about living a biracial life and their experiences. Christopher Demos-Brown Instagram: @christopherdemosbrown Dr. Yvette Maureen Instagram: @dryvette Facebook: DrYvette Maureen

Lights. Places. Showtime.

Lights. Places. Showtime screenshot

In this new segment, Founding Artistic Director Zaylin Yates and Producing Director Terrence Pride engage in an artistically conscious conversation by sharing their thoughts on recent professional, community, or educational productions they attended. In this first installment, they discuss Terence Blanchard’s “Fire Shut Up in My Bones,” “Thoughts of a Colored Man,” written by Keenan […]